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Goodbye February, Hello March…

Goodbye February, Hello March… Hey Y’all!!! Where has this year gone? I can’t believe it’s almost March 1st. You know the saying “The road to Bleep is paved with good intentions?” I looked up the meaning – “Promises and plans must be put into action, or else they are useless”. I had plans January 1st to launch the Coffee Chat Girl shop. Stock it with some of my favorite items that I love to use and know that you will too. But Life happened. Ladybug needed an immediate tonsillectomy. She did not outgrow the dreaded constant repeat of tonsillitis at the age of 22. Let me tell you peeps that surgery is no joke. My daughter is amazing!!! She pushed through the recovery like a Rock Star. Ouch is all I have to say. But she is 100% now. Zelly continues to take on the LED lighting world by storm. And I have recuperated from the flu. That was no bueno. Please stay well peeps. Zelly and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary at Moxie’s beach house in Seagrove, FL. Heaven on earth. We woke up every morning to sunshine, good coffee and sugary sandy beaches. Ate delicious food, especially key lime pie.  My favorite. Checked off bucket list having a personal chef come to the house and make a gourmet meal. Thanks Chef Kali. If you live in or are visiting the Seaside, FL area be sure to look up Chef Kali. Such a fun evening!! http://www.personalchefkali.com Now that everyone is well and back at it the inventory for the Coffee Chat Girl shop should be stocked in the next couple of weeks and ready for you to check out. Be sure to leave me comments on what you think and how you are enjoying the products.  The other thing I wanted to let you know is that I am going to start Takeover Tuesday this week.  Since tomorrow is Tuesday and I can’t wait until tomorrow to introduce my first Takeover Tuesday friends, please meet Lisa and Shannon from Surprise Gift Co. https://www.surprisegiftco.com They share the same zest in warming others hearts with thoughtful gifts.  I love to give people gifts.  I love making their day when I have sent them cheer in a fun way.  When I found the coffee themed surprise gift box I was looking forward to giving this to one of my friends.  And I would have to get one for myself so I could make the perfect cup of coffee in the precious “But First Coffee” mug while snacking on the biscotti treat and chocolate covered coffee beans.  But never fail if you were to run out of coffee at home you can use the Starbucks Gift Card that is included.  The adorable gold desk size easel with daily coffee quotes would look great next to your coffeemaker.  And the coffee themed journal that comes with would be handy to make notes, meal plan, journal or write jokes.  When I told Lisa and Shannon how excited I was to have found this fun gift box and was going to treat myself so I could enjoy the happy mail they shared their love and gifted me the box.  Kindness goes a long way Peeps.  Thank you so much ladies!!!  I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Surprise Gift Co is the perfect place to find just the right something with the ease of sending from home or work.  So be sure to check them out.  As always, thank you for stopping by for a chat.

Hugs sugar,


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