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Inspired Retreat 2017


Hey Y’all!!! I hope you are having a glorious weekend. It’s sunny and the temperatures have cooled off a little bit. It reminds me of the Sunday I drove from Atlanta to Nashville for my first Inspired Retreat in September 2016.   First let me start you with how my journey began around 2001. I entered the promotional marketing business. I found myself helping large and small companies, schools, trade shows, sports outings, conventions, bridal showers and more find unique and fun gifts for their special events. I would also help with creating just the right set up for these events. My passion has always been in the gift industry. My family is very artistic and creative. I came by it honest. Always wanting to have my own gift shop and a fun place to hang out with friends and chat about exciting up and coming businesses. This is how I started the Coffee Chat Girl Blog and on-line Gift Shop. Doing some research on women entrepreneur groups and gatherings I happily stumbled upon Amber and Inspired Retreat. In fact I emailed with Amber a couple of years prior to the 2016 Inspired Retreat. I was worried that being in my early 50’s would some how make me feel out of place with the younger creative talents that would be attending. Amber assured me that age is just a number at Inspired and to please not let that effect my decision to attend. Trusting Amber who is kind hearted and so inviting I signed up and never looked back. Enjoying the beautiful drive through the TN mountains on the way to Inspired I was greeted with open arms by Amber and the speakers for the Retreat. Waiting to check in after all of the attendees started arriving we took a tour around the main lodge. How adorable. It is comfortably rustic with wooden floors and a large fireplace. Even though Inspired is in September the nights get brisk and by the end of the day we are all exhausted with knowledge and ready to relax for a fireside chat in our PJs with new forever friends. As we unpacked in our rooms (each attendee shares a room with another) we picked which comfortable twin bed would be ours for the 4 days we were all together. The rooms have two comfortable twin beds, a large bathroom with plenty of room for two stylish gals and the most comfy cozy blankets in case you get cold. I was personally happy to have the powerful AC thank you very much. Amber does an incredible job of pairing each evening event with colors and themes. It was so much fun to pull my outfits together for the trip and easy to shop in my own closet. That’s the thing about Inspired Retreat. It’s very personal. You are in an intimate group of creative ladies who quickly become your BFF’s and so easy to talk to. The first day is a meet and greet and get to know everyone. The first morning you wake up the sun is shining. The delicious coffee or tea is brewing along with a delicious breakfast. And then your morning sessions begin. Swag is the name of the game at Inspired but one of the most used gifts that I received was a brightly colored journal. I literally filled each page with priceless notes and how-to’s for my business plans and life. I keep this journal with me always and refer to it often. By the first night you are excited from what the day brought and can’t wait for the evening dinner. You gather first for a signature cocktail and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Then you go into the beautifully decorated dinner party. The room is set up with large round tables. You are encouraged to sit at different tables when your seat is not assigned so that you can mingle with each of the girls. I loved this part. Everyone has such interesting stories and are from all parts of the country. One of my new best friends lives in Canada and we talk often.   After the delicious dinner is over everyone quickly goes back to their rooms and changes into comfy PJs for the fireside chat that they have chosen to attend. There are three choices with various speakers at the Retreat. It’s hard to choose just one. After the chat is over you are so ready to hit the hay. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Tuesday goes the same as Monday, another fun filled day. At the end of Tuesday’s sessions you are offered the chance to go on the most gorgeous short hike to the Evan’s Mill Waterfalls. I highly recommend this. When you wake up Wednesday for the final morning sessions before you head home you have the most bonding experience you will ever find at a Retreat. I could not imagine being at a convention with 300 attendees and getting the same energy that you will experience with the loving group you find at Inspired. I am so glad I took the leap of faith last year. Put my fears aside. Took a chance on me. I deserve it. Amber does such an incredible job putting together Inspired Retreat. Everyone has a different story. Everyone is at a different place with their lives and businesses. No one judges you. Everyone has your back. I loved my experience with these ladies. I think about it everyday. Coffee Chat Girl would not be up and running without the lessons that I learned from these 4 days of joy. I would love to attend again in September 2017. I am at a different place with my business and life. I would walk away with so many new lessons and friends. I hope to have the opportunity to join Y’all again. Hugs girls. Love and kisses, Robyn @coffeechatgirl http://www.inspiredtheretreat.com Photo credits http://www.kristynhoganblog.comIn

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    August 6, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Love hearing about your experience at Inspired! I know you had a blast!

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    August 6, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Missy, Maybe you will be able to join me next year and experience this joy for yourself!! I now you would love it. Roomies 🙂 Hugs, Robyn

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