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Midlife Margarita

“Some people make you laugh a little louder, your smile a little brighter and your life a little better”.

Hey Y’all!!! You know that friend that you meet for the first time and you feel like you have known them your whole life?  When they tell you a story, you feel like that has happened to you. That is how I feel now that I have gotten to know Missy. When I was getting ready to launch Coffee Chat Girl I was reading some Instagram posts. I came across this one from @midlifemargaritas page.

This was a laugh out loud moment. I love sarcastic humor. The good belly laugh humor that makes your stomach hurt you laugh so hard. I loved the Midlife Margarita blog immediately. Missy writes as a wife, mom to a son in high school and a son in college and a fun friend who gets through midlife with a slice of humor. Since Ladybug is in her early twenties, I could relate to Missy’s stories. Bigger Kids, Bigger Stories right? Humor will get us through. Not to mention a few margaritas along the way.  I look forward to reading the latest blog post from Midlife Margaritas.  I mean Missy understands that the reason we had to get the largest iPhone was because of midlife.  And that doing laundry for older kids and husbands is weird and gross.  And most importantly, neither of us own a cast iron skillet and don’t cook.  She’s priceless!!!  Be sure to check out her blog. Laugh hard and often. Here is Missy’s Takeover Tuesday story – Enjoy!!

I began the blog “Midlife Margaritas” in January of 2016. I’m in my Midlife Season and felt the craving to, well, write. Because I’m always thinking, “you can’t make this shit up”, or “what the hell?” I decided to write about my crazy life where it is now while raising a high schooler and a college kid, married for 20+ years and all the ‘WTH’ moments.

There are so many young, funny mom bloggers out there (of which I used to be one) that I saw a need for the midlife mom blogger. The mom/wife who is going through hot flashes and mood swings, all while trying to keep from murdering anyone. Since my signature cocktail is a margarita, that’s why I named the blog Midlife Margaritas!

My blog has gone in a direction I never expected. One piece I wrote about on the joys of laundry was picked up and published on Little Things. I’ve also been featured on a few other great blogs. I’ve made wonderful new friendships with other fantastic bloggers through social media (like Coffee Chat Girl!) and today I’m taking over Coffee Chat Girl! I never knew I’d be having this much fun with my little blog.

Probably one of my favorite things about Midlife Margaritas is hearing from other women who tell me their fantastic, scary, sad and funny stories. Women who have gone through some of the same things as me. What a way to connect! I just want to gather all these mom-midlifers on my back deck and throw a big margarita party!

I’ve also met some hilarious blogger dads! Love to see the different viewpoints on parenting and life.

I feel my blog relates to all ages. For the midlifers we can connect on how similar life us now for us and the younger moms can see where their life is heading and to give them hope for how awesome it can be for them. I promise things get better when the kids start sleeping through the night!

While I often use swear words, talk about cocktails and use crude humor, I keep it real. It’s who I am and I’m not apologizing for it. If you can’t laugh at your life (good or bad) then you need a margarita and a little time reading my blog.

Feel free to connect with me on the blog, through email, instagram and Facebook.

Missy Farrow






Humor credit to www.wititudes.com

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